Why choose us?

Upvc is 5 time stronger than aluminium.

The reason is its outer surface is made up of Upvc whereas steel reinforcement is there within all its section.

Upvc gives 30% power saving

as Upvc material is poor conductor of heat which means it neither retain nor transfer heat. Hence it does not let outside heat in (and vice-versa in cold climate) thereby providing inhabitant comfort & energy saving in heating/cooling energy.

Choose a window and door that's a reflection of you

We understand that behind many windows projects is the motivation to improve the look and feel of the home. For every consideration, we have a product line designed to highlight beauty that is a reflection of your vision.

Do not allow rain to come in

due to their double Gasket and water drainage design ¬ Ideal for rainy and coastal locations.

Understanding UPVC windows & doors

UPVC frame is Theft proof due to its toughness plus it provides Multi point locking arrangement. Further resistance is possible with special Glass options.

UPVC can comfortably house bigger sheet of glass due to their inherent deeper glazing rebates which is a stringent requirement for combating higher wind pressures.

UPVC frame are Fire resistant as Upvc material is Self-extinguishing i.e. once the source of fire is taken away it stop burning.